Those who are running business everyday at National Logistics JSC are hardworking and dedicated. From the office to the warehouse, your paperwork is efficiently processed, and your consignments are scanned, moved and transported to the final destinations by our aforesaid professional team. With our considerable experience and expertise, we ensure that all consignments are processed and delivered efficiently and cost effectively.


After long cooperation with the Vietnam’s Ministry of Transportation as well as The World Bank in many logistics projects in our country, the National Logistics JSC have established good relationship with the most Departments of Transport in Vietnam so that we ensure to transport your shipments to any destination in our country in the smoothest and safest way without any trouble relating to the governmental agencies.


With a system of professional agents worldwide, we offer our valued Customers the optimal international transport services for all kinds of cargoes from personal package to the commercial shipments in large quantity. With the National Logistics JSC, customers will have enjoyed the professional services with reasonable costs and your cargoes will be transported to the destination on time and safely under our highest responsibility.

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